2022/05/03 | COLORS

Finally got rid of the programmer colors and added in a plesant color theme :) Let me know how you like it!
I also added in some content for Cleaning, and I have more images taken for even more O: My next goal is to tackle some Tools, as well as a bit of Saftey.

2022/04/28 | NEW SITE

Hello and Welcome! This is a center for HDPE recycling that I (Never S. Jhonsen) have put together from my findings of messing with the material myself. I made this site so that others who are i nterested can learn how to recycle HDPE theirselves, or more experienced recyclers can use this as a reference. Questions? Here's an E-Mail, ask me (:

As of yet, there are no other onsite links. As I make and add them tho (As well as update this newsfeed), I'll add it to the HDPE RSS feed! You can download a RSS Feed reader on your computer or phone, and give it the link! You can find the link at the top of this page @ the orange button, or copy this one here: { https://hdpe.neververy4.com/feed.xml }.